Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In case you missed the originals...

Here are most of my RealScottBato tweets that Twitter deleted.

@RealScottBato Michael Thibodeau AKA @dayswithdave is responsible 4 the REAL @realscottbaIo acct. Support & @caroline knows. PLZ RT Mon 19 Oct 15:22

@RealScottBato All these people should know who I really am. I AM SCOTT BATO. http://bit.ly/3Y2uTr. Mon 19 Oct 15:14

@RealScottBato RT @RealScottBaio: Michael Thibodeau AKA @dayswithdave is responsible 4 the FAKE @realscottbaTo acct. No he's not, genius. I'm SCOTT BATO. Mon 19 Oct 15:10

@RealScottBato @DaysWithDave HEY LIBCROTCH. My charity is for well babies. Both babies who have nothing wrong with them, and babies stuck in wells. Mon 19 Oct 14:43

@RealScottBato RT @Gr8spiritwolf I NEVER said that shit. Fake RT...another TOS violation. Mon 19 Oct 14:42

@RealScottBato RT @DaysWithDave: @Gr8spiritwolf Stop harassing @RealScottBato - your jealousy is unbecoming. Very uncharitable. Give to well babies! Mon 19 Oct 14:34

@RealScottBato RT @angelfrmcanada Please BLOCK @realscottbaTo is a FAKE saying bad things about Scott Baio's family. Who is "Baio"? I AM SCOTT BATO. Mon 19 Oct 14:30

@RealScottBato RT @Gr8spiritwolf: @Caroline How long 2 get rid of @realscottbaTo when they R obviously harassing @RealScottBaio? YES! I SUCK. Mon 19 Oct 14:02

@RealScottBato RT @Gr8spiritwolf: RT @LopezsAngels @REALSCOTTBATO IS FAKE ACCT BLOCK THIS PERSON Why are you a hater? Mon 19 Oct 6:58


@RealScottBato RT @LinuxGal: The Democratic emblem is a jackass -- obviously a character reference! #tcot I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE SNAP ON DEMS! SIT ON IT! Sun 18 Oct 17:58

@RealScottBato .@talldrinkofh20 My hot starlet wife IS my agent. You know what they call a libfart who can't read? YOU. LOLOLOLOLOL give to my charity! Sun 18 Oct 17:53

@RealScottBato .@talldrinkofh20 My hot starlet wife's name is NOT "Pimpin' John," you libscrew. It's...let me check...Renee or Bailey or something. Sun 18 Oct 17:49

@RealScottBato .@talldrinkofh20 Wife also said it would keep down the number of "rich Hollywood Jews" showing up. I LOVE THAT FOUL-MOUTHED PIECE OF TAIL! Sun 18 Oct 17:42

@RealScottBato .@talldrinkofh20 What do you mean? My agent (and hot starlet wife) said it would be a great career move. Sun 18 Oct 17:40

@RealScottBato .@DaysWithDave My signing is Mon. El Pollo Loco, 2801 Crenshaw, LA. Buy two posters and get a free Corn Cobbette. It's for CHARITY! Sun 18 Oct 17:35

@RealScottBato RT @DaysWithDave: @aTerribleMuriel - I love that some think I'm Bato You're...not? But you're really fat, right? I hate fat chicks n shit Sun 18 Oct 17:27

@RealScottBato .@OxyConservative ROFLAMO you misspelled looser, libcrust. Please give to my charity. Sun 18 Oct 12:51

@RealScottBato .@OxyConservative No, your a looser and a libtard who must be destroyed. Please give to my children's charity! Sun 18 Oct 12:47

@RealScottBato Hey I thought LA had an NFL team, but they don't now. Another victory for Limbaugh! Sun 18 Oct 12:45

@RealScottBato RT @LizBlaine: 6/27/04 "Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate" http://bit.ly/2ibQmF #tcot #ocra This PROVES that shitfuck isn't prez! Sun 18 Oct 12:43

@RealScottBato Wow. I don't remember one second of the past 18 hours. Sun 18 Oct 4:42

@RealScottBato .@musiccitygal Ladies can come to the signing for free if they let me sign their right breast. Unlike libfucks, we conservs have MORALS Sat 17 Oct 13:44

@RealScottBato .@Seriou The difference between what? A libtard and a total assbutt? NONE! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Please support my charity. #tcot Sat 17 Oct 13:42

@RealScottBato Who's coming to my memorabilia signing at El Pollo Loco on Tuesday morning? They need a headcount by tonight. Sat 17 Oct 13:34

@RealScottBato RT @Gr8spiritwolf: @peasleer RealScottBato is a jerk. real identity is dayswithdave; a loser w/no morals. Is this true, @dayswithdave? Sat 17 Oct 13:15

@RealScottBato RT @peasleer: My trolling paid off: I apparently caught a dude from Charles in Charge in my trollnet. He's a celebrity (or so he said) Sat 17 Oct 10:43

@RealScottBato @peasleer I'm the Real Scott Bato! Sat 17 Oct 10:38

@RealScottBato This picture of NOBama I just posted, along with a random quote from Khruchsev (sp?) is real frightening. WAKE UP! http://twitpic.com/lw2wv Sat 17 Oct 10:19

@RealScottBato .@hollyhock100 I am really annoyed that people like @RealScottBaio are trying to impersonate me, Scott Bato. Sat 17 Oct 10:17

@RealScottBato My followers and charming wife are right. This fuckbaby president must be destroyed!!! @glennbeck #tcot #givetomycharity Sat 17 Oct 10:15

@RealScottBato Weird morning. I went to get my huge royalty check from the mail, and my robe totally fell off. The cops let me off w an autograph. Sat 17 Oct 9:48

@RealScottBato .@Dasani_01 I'm signing memorabilia at El Pollo Loco next Tuesday morning. Why don't you bring yourself back to Chachi? Sat 17 Oct 3:19

@RealScottBato RT @ttjemery: `What happened to global warming? (Al Gore is a LIAR) http://bit.ly/NcU5p #tcot YES! Him and Richie Cunningham. Sat 17 Oct 3:06

@RealScottBato .@Dasani_01 Disconcerting for YOU, just to think about it now. Sat 17 Oct 3:00

@RealScottBato .@peasleer I am a celebrity. I have little people like you go find the facts FOR me. I was in Charles ih Charge! Sat 17 Oct 3:00

@RealScottBato .@CelluloidBlonde Nah. @whyinthehell and I are cool now. I turned her conservative and instilled some values in her. Fri 16 Oct 20:38

@RealScottBato RT @jaxy89: Things that Make Liberals foam at the mouth: Teaparties #tcot #ocra And child stars!! Stupid liberals. Fri 16 Oct 20:32

@RealScottBato .@CelluloidBlonde How bout a little sugar from Chachi? Mrrrrrrrrow. Fri 16 Oct 20:30

@RealScottBato .@HeferDust Who the F is "Baio"? Some impostor? Fri 16 Oct 20:26

@RealScottBato .@Musiccitygal I'm not getting anywhere near your ACORN crazy-ass. You should still give to my charity for babies though. Fri 16 Oct 20:26

@RealScottBato My wife said the funniest thing before: "I hate libtard assholes!" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Give generously to help children. Fri 16 Oct 20:01

@RealScottBato .@pierrestromberg I'm the real Scott Bato. Can't you see my PICTURE, libcrust? Or did Obama steal you're EYES too? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Fri 16 Oct 19:48

@RealScottBato RT @musiccitygal: .@RealScottBato Im all for charity...name the place & time. Um...uh...er...ah...are you a real woman? SIT ON IT. Fri 16 Oct 19:43

@RealScottBato .@natalie_keefe Geez, keep ya shoit on. Fri 16 Oct 19:20

@RealScottBato .@Wil_M The only treatment I need is for that rash I picked up from the dame on Sepulveda. Er, how do I block this tweet from @mrsscottbato? Fri 16 Oct 19:17


@RealScottBato RT @whyinthehell: @natalie_keefe @wil_m - @RealScottBato being mean2me Had to call your libfuck friends for backup, huh? Fri 16 Oct 19:07

@RealScottBato . @peasleer HOW can we prove to these libshits once and for all that Obama is a foreign Kenyan?? #tcot #912 Fri 16 Oct 19:03

@RealScottBato @DebiNagle Are people making comments about me, Scott Bato? Can you report them to me so I can call the FBI? Fri 16 Oct 18:57

@RealScottBato .@talldrinkofh20 calling people libtards, fuckshits and shitfucks is no way to get them to donate to your charity. -- WOW YOU HATE KIDS Fri 16 Oct 18:52

@RealScottBato Can someone (not a lib) help me? I clicked on a DM link and now all these sexy women keep popping up. Is this that "phisting" thing? Fri 16 Oct 18:47

@RealScottBato RT @DaysWithDave Follow Friday @RealScottBato Libshits need not apply. LOL. Fri 16 Oct 18:43

@RealScottBato Last time I Checked I have the right to Freedom of speech. You Libs hate that, don't you? Go Blog this: Scott Bato uses Caps randomly. Fri 16 Oct 18:40

@RealScottBato Wouldn't it be great if both of the Manning brothers played in the superbowl this year? I love Payton and Danny! Fri 16 Oct 18:38

@RealScottBato .@jillosopher @cynicor u still say conservs have murderers values? And you do infanticide and stuff? Fri 16 Oct 18:35

@RealScottBato .@whyinthehell You dare speak to Chachi like that? Bow down before Chachi, libtard. I can has moneys for charity? Fri 16 Oct 18:26

@RealScottBato @whyinthehell No, you are me. WE ARE ALL SCOTT BATO now. Fri 16 Oct 18:23

@RealScottBato .@DebiNagle I don't even want your money. I WILL SUE U. EXTORT ME U WILL NOT!! Plz RT. Give to my charity! Fri 16 Oct 18:20

@RealScottBato FYI: @thejimmybato is FAKE. He's NOT on twitter. I've reason 2 believe @whyinthehell set up fake acct. She has mult accts 2 hide & spew hate Fri 16 Oct 18:20

@RealScottBato RT @tllanes: And yes, tonight I SHALL make good on my Meghan McCain Buxom Tank Top Solitarity Photo. NOW THAT'S A WOMAN! SIT ON IT!! Fri 16 Oct 18:18

@RealScottBato .@HeferDust OH BOO HOO. Why don't you start some fuckass wolf charity? It's easy. Even my foul-mouthed hot wife did one. Fri 16 Oct 18:16

@RealScottBato Dear @whyinthehell: WTF is http://bit.ly/DQg5K? I thought we were cool. I hate you. Fri 16 Oct 18:10

@RealScottBato .@rogersherman THANK’S FOR THE PICTURE OF YOUR LIBTARD MOM. Fri 16 Oct 17:10

@RealScottBato .@whyinthehell Do I have to block u again? God I hate women! Support my children's charity! Fri 16 Oct 15:43

@RealScottBato I hope some of your liberal fuckshits donate to my adorable children's charity. Fri 16 Oct 11:05

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