Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Go Time

Twitter has now suspended TWO of my accounts: RealScottBato and TheScottBato. Both were obvious parodies, duh. TheScottBato's bio said "I am not Scott Baio."

These accounts were started after filth-mouthed, woman-hating conservative Scott Baio (@TheScottBaio) tweeted that his wife called Obama a "shitfuck," and he agreed. Many American patriots pointed out to him that perhaps calling the president a "shitfuck" was not the best way to generate positive attention for his children's charity. He blocked everyone who spoke up, and continued to giggle about stupid liberals. (In one tweet, later deleted, he called them "retarded.")

Then Baio got his big career break. He was given a segment on The Glenn Beck Show. The problem was, Scott Baio is not a smart man. That same day, he clicked a phishing email, and managed to lock himself out of his Twitter account.

While blaming "liberal hackers" for compromising his account, he started a replacement, @RealScottBaio. And to prove it was him, he held up a sign with his name on it! Which he misspelled "Bato" because he's truly, genuinely dumb.

So, since my name is Scott Bato, I started @RealScottBato because I was tired of the lies around my name. Baio has a cadre of overweight, stupid female fans all hoping to be his next Joanie, so they descended on @RealScottBato like there was a 2% off sale on Nutter Butters at their Wal-Mart.

After a few days of obvious, over-the-top parody, Baio figured out who was behind the account:

Michael Thibodeau AKA @dayswithdave is responsible 4 the FAKE @realscottbaTo acct. Support & @caroline knows. PLZ RT

Scott let loose his army of flabby-forearmed dummies. Of course, he was wrong - the person they accused had no idea who @RealScottBato even was. After clucking around for a while and complaining to someone named @caroline, the @RealScottBato account was suspended. Baio announced that my account was "only directed to hurt children." Says the person who can't even refrain from calling Obama a "shitfuck" while talking about his charity.

Since my voice was being silenced by a D-List, foul-mouthed celeb and his army of fans, I migrated to @TheScottBato. Which has "I am not Scott Baio" right in the bio. This account was disabled last night - evidently Twitter is not to be used for mocking Scott Baio.

So I need to ask a favor of everyone. We need parody Scott Baio accounts by the dozen. Please take five minutes to help:

1. Create a fake Scott Baio account. Go to gmail, get any old address (not your regular email), and then go to Twitter, come up with a good not-Baio name and open the account.

2. Send a couple of tweets, with the #baio-shitfuck tag. You can direct them to @RealScottBaio if you like.

I'll collect the good ones and post them here.


  1. Dude, First off. Twitter suspended two of your accounts because you are in clear violation of the Twitter Agreement. If you do not like what someone says in a tweet. Do not follow them. Who cares what someone "called" the president. He is bashed everyday by thousands of people. Why single out one. You said it "childrends charity". More specific Baily Baio Angel Foundation. Which in my opinion is a fantastic Charity. Why would you try to take away from that. Liberal, conservative, frivalious who gives a shit. This is America. Freedom of speech Freedom to be who you want to be. Are you a Communist? Because Communist tell you what you will do. Tell you what you will read. Tell you who to like or dislike. I read your writings and all I see Is a Words that must have been written by a communist. I can assure the Glenn Beck Show is NOT a big break for Scott. However the show was great publicity for the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation. As for the "liberal hackers" you said it. You specifically said liberal. I see that your communist beliefs are so inbeaded you use words to your benifit. Why were the "hackers" not conservitives? Perhaps you are relizing the "pissing contest" your in is not what you thought it would be. Look down. Your pissing on your shoes dude. Your Loosing and in the process succeeding in bringing to the attention of the rest of the world what an idiot you are. Fire at my mispelled words. #fks. You actually think im that stupid to believer your name is RealScottBato? Ha. As for your friends, looser 2 and looser 3. You complete the three Stooges. Army of Dummies... Bad Speller.Yes. Dummie. Far from it. Your really not hurting anyone. You have one comment before me. Simply States "Gold". Well Rog has proven to be an Idiot as well. Just to let you know... as your new accounts become found out....they too will be suspended. Read the Twitter agreement. You have chosen to conjure some kind of army to "parady" Scott. Once again.... you are pissing on your shoes. I am Sean. @whatchawearing and I have stepped up to champion Scott. I choose to do so because I dislike Communist. I dislike anyone who TAKES from children. Have you eaven been to the Bailey Baio Angel Foundations website? Do you even realize the amount of time and money the Baio family contributes to help the children. Or are you to buisy trying to piss past your big toe because someone called the president a "shitfuck" and since your a communist the culprit must be put to death. How much bashing did you do to the guy that created the email I got with the watermelons growing on the White House lawn? How bout Conan or Jay Leno and their Low Blows to the president? If you resient the fact that I am calling you a communist then wake up and smell the roses. Prove your not. Stand by our constitution and allow others our first ammendment rights of FREE SPEECH. Either way... it is time to put your penis away. You can not piss that far. Rember, I am @whatchawearing and my followers will be more than happy to "Stand by Me". I will give you free advice. Stop. Stop. Stop. You do not want to go there with me. But if you choose to.... You need to Know I am not a conservative, liberal or any "lable". I am simply One "Kick ass mother-fucker", fast on my feet, quick with my tongue, shitty speller but who gives a fuck American that is feed up with Idiots like you. I have said my piece and will practice what I preach. I dont like you. So I wont follow you. Thats how I am leaving it. The reason I spoke my piece is you are missing the big picture. Its about the kids. I feel your taking from them with your personal vendetta because you dont like what someone said.
    Sean aka. @whatchawearing

    I have this huege gut feeling that keeps telling me your a coward and either will not approve this post. or once you read it will delete it. I just want to reminde you that COMMUNIST cant survive without propaganda and censorship.

  2. Way to go, Sean! Freedom of speech is what this whole thing is about, and the pencil dicks who have no pleasures if not to make others miserable.
    I have been attaked and slandered daily since this all started. Even the day poor Allison lost her battle: while her parents were BEGGING for their child's life, these people still only thought of their hate.
    Communism lives in America. It lives on Twitter. And it's time we ALL band together and stifle the voice of hate!
    No matter the mispellings, Sean, you have made MORE SENSE in these few paragraphs than these idiots have in MONTHS of tweets.
    and I WILL stand by you, as I have stood by Scott Baio.
    No weapon formed against me shall prosper!
    BAIO HATERS: Keep supplying the rope for your own lynching! MAkes things easier for the reat of us!!!!

  3. Too bad there is a space limit here, because I could fill up 100,000 characters laughing at the flagrant hypocrisy here. You dumbos who rant on and on (and on and on) about free speech are comical. You want freedom of speech for your idiotic selves and for the even more idiotic object of your affection...But you work really hard to deny others of THEIR freedom of speech. Who the fuck is the communist in this picture?

    Get a life, speak your speech, and let others speak their speech. No one is trying to shut Scott Baio's mouth or his tweets down - YOU all are the ones shutting down others' rights. But Scott can't expect to say stupid, inflammatory crap and have everyone just keep their mouths shut. If he does expect that, and if you expect that for him, it's just more evidence that you're the really, really, stupid COMMIES.

    You hypocrites talk about breaking terms of service? There's a list of your infractions that is longer than your combined lists of ways in which you suck.

    As for the shitfuck who used the term lynching - well, enough said for any validity of any bit of spittle coming out of your fat trap. You're the worst of the worst type of scum.

  4. "Lynching"?? Really?? You just had to go there, gr8h8'spirit'wolf, thereby revealing your true self. I can just imagine how your P2 'friends' will appreciate that coming from you.

    At least it's here on a public blog for all to I guess Thumbs Up for your lack of shame in your true self.

  5. Quite funny that you dumb-tards don't know the difference between freedom of speech and harassment! It was totally OK to voice your opinion about what he said. THAT'S FREEDOM OF SPEECH. To create accounts and mock a charity for children is just immature and a waste of time and makes YOU look like the communist dumb-asses.
    We are hypocrites? When did we slander YOU in blogs or make fake accounts to harass you?
    That's what I thought!
    And cat-lady....your comment doesn't even make sense. GO THERE? Because I used the word "lynching"?
    What the hell is that supposed to mean? Oh let me guess: are going to try to make that a racist thing?
    I am not playing the race card with you small-brained freaks. LIKE COMMUNISTS: you shuffle around the truth to try and make a point that doesn't exist.
    Get a life, get some "real-life" friends and give your fingers a rest.
    Otherwise, you might spend the rest of your life surrounded by cats. SOUND FAMILIAR?

  6. Awww, I didn't mean to poke at ya so much in three little sentences, gr8spiritwolf.

    It's bad enough that no matter what you say or do, you'll never be Joanie Cunningham.


  7. Hey whatchawearing, gr8spiritwolf, a few things:

    First, Scott Baio will never fuck you. It's important that your tiny minds grasp that concept.

    Second, you America-hating trash are the last people (and I use that term loosely) to talk about "freedom of speech;" you neither support -- nor understand -- the concept.

    Third, "Scott Bato" was was satirizing Scott Baio. Satire is covered by the First Amendment of the Constitution you scumtards spit on daily. And satire is something you'll never understand because your kind are never intentionally funny (your ideology, however, provides UNINTENTIONAL laughs for 80% of America).

    Fourth, lampooning that urine in the human gene pool known as Scott Baio is much different than making fun of the charity that Baio is, no doubt, embezzling from in order to stay afloat financially (since no one in their proper mind would hire that talentless asshat).

    Fifth, I know Baio's home address in Encino, and I will happily post it online for all of his detractors. If you thought he was being "harassed" before, imagine what hate mail sent to his house will do for him. Keep up this nonsense and I'll share his address with the world.

  8. The Bato account was NOT Satire. Since when is it Satire to use someone else's picture on their avitar & on their page? It was made to mislead people to believe it was Scott Baio. You even posted the 1st twitpic he put on his acct. So you can shove that Satire excuse. Twitter saw that. That's why it was suspended. You all won't address the main issue here...What about the special needs children? How do you sleep at night knowing you could be taking money away from a child that really needs it. All to attack Scott Baio!!! Dirtbag Dave, the hellgirl..all of you DISGUST me. I guess you all didn't get enough love from your mothers growing up. Or did your parents give you up for adoption when they found out you were so evil? I applaud both Sean & Gr8spiritwolf for their comments here. I am proud to call them my friends. They got hearts..something none of you seem to have. You can't deny you have brought the children into this hate. This needs to stop. If you have even an ounce of decency it will!!!


  9. whatchawearing: Did you misspell everything on purpose or are you really that stupid? What am I saying, of COURSE you're that stupid, you're a right-winger AND a Scott Baio groupie.

    Angel: You and your high school friends should leave the Internet to us grown-ups.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Thanks ryking !!! I will be sure to inform my 15,000 + followers that they may now come here to get the adress to send Scotts Christmas cards!

  12. And the rest of the internet can send Baio the hatemail that an America-hating scumtard like him deserves! It's win-win! Yaaaaaaay!!! :)

  13. ryking....your on the wrong bus brother.... your "hater" group is less than 50 strong. I really dont think any of us are worried about what you and your groups impact could possibly be on the "internet".

  14. lilrunabout thank you. I am proud to be your friend as well ;-) I hope you have a wonderfull weekend!!!

  15. whatchawearing:

    From your inability to spell or use proper punctuation, I think the bus YOU were on was the short one. And rightard? You and your fellow treason-spewing America-haters are the ones in the minority. And your party of Grand Old Perverts have been relegated to a mostly regional, southern party, one in the process of tearing itself apart. Enjoy your time in the political wilderness, Nazi-boy. :)

  16. ryking the great thing about not spelling well.... I could better apply myself to mathmatics....cant spell mony but sure can count it

  17. P.S. ryking I bet the pond I built in my backyard(click the koi icon on my about me page) cost more than youve made in your entire life

  18. ryiking.... cat got ur tongue??? I warned you mine is quick. I just noticed. this blog has a huge following of 0. that is some powerfull internet numbers brother

  19. Sure, rightard. I bet you're so rich, you and your supermodel wife take your private Concorde to St. Moritz every weekend, where you dine on hummingbird tongues. ROTFLMAO! Why don't you spend some of your "millions" on an education? ;) Try starting with an English class.

    And I couldn't be less interested in your website. Nighty night, loser; unlike you, I have a life -- and I won't be spending any more of it writing to someone too stupid not to be a right-winger or a Scott Baio groupie. :)

  20. ryking then why did you comment to me in the first place

  21. So do you idiots harass and stalk other celeberties or just the ones that you feel are easy targets? Do you have fake or parody Dixie Chick sites, Glen Beck sites, or Ombama sites too. Is your goal just to ruin Mr.Scott Baio as you state in your blog. Freedom of speech is for all to use. But stalking is illegal in the United States punishable by law and so is impressonating someone. Example posting someones private address to the net shows intent to harass and stalk. You felt you needed more help requesting more parody sites be opened on your behalf to harrass and stalk Mr Scot Bia. Well ain't that nice because my specialty is celeb slander cases. People with money love to persue these actions to regain loss of potential earnings, especailly those that have enormous amounts of money to loose due to the slanderous remarks preventing them from future contracts for hundreds of thousands of dollars.Google makes it so easy to prove stalking,harassment and slander with intent to destroy ones career.Google saves every word written and erased. Simple court orders can be easily obtain.I have sent a request to represent MR.Scott Biao and his Baby Bailey Angel Foundation pro bono why because Tracking IP address is so easy now and comes in handy in the court of law. I wonder if you did your home on these issues i have put before you. We will be in touch. Lets see if you post this comment Mr.Scott Bato

  22. Normal people have no idea of how really STRANGE the celebrity-stalking/loving sub-section of the population are. I thought they comprised a tiny percentage of the population, but if there are several here on this blog about Scott Baio (SCOTT BAIO?? Who knew anyone was a fan of Scott Baio??), then the population must be higher than is commonly thought. So with that frightening revelation in mind, I'll continue.

    If the lack of intellect wasn't so pitiful in this comment stream, it would be almost fun to read. So far I've seen a cat outwit a wolf, and one intelligent person trying to be rational and reasonable with a bunch of swooning, pouting schoolgirls who can't see beyond their hormones raging over a long-since-has-been-TV-actor.

    I can see there would be no point in me bothering to try to reason with you. You're quite obviously mentally ill. So, I'll just say a few things. You can fuck yourselves, fuck off, or fuck Scott Baio if you can force your way onto his old, shriveled cock, I don't care. But we are going to continue doing whatever we please. You can cry, mope, pout, yell, whatever. We don't care, because you're ignorant, uneducated, unable to be educated, and rather more than a little insane.

    I have one parting suggestion for you: If you REALLY want to help Scott's foundation, you will stop tantruming and causing conflict, and encourage Scott to stop causing conflict. It is ALL OF YOU who are hurting his foundation - accept that reality.

    Because, the reality is, the link to this blog's comment stream is already being posted across the internet on the dozens of other blogs about Scott's terrible behavior. You are making things worse for his foundation. GET A GRIP.

    @whatchawearing, I tried to do as you asked, because I'm a good guy. You asked me to try: "looking up "free speach" and cross refrence it with "harassement" ". I was unable to, because those words do not exist. And yes, my mother did teach me how to treat a proper woman...I haven't encountered one here yet (see my earlier assessments).

    @keeper of dreams: Scott Baio's address is easily found on multiple places on the internet. Good luck trying to sue anyone on that. You should really look into these things before you make threats...because the kinds of threats you've made ARE illegal. And the owner of this blog does have YOUR IP address. If Scott Baio takes you, a celebrity-stalker/lover liar, up on your offer to represent him, he deserves the heinous representation he will receive.

    You all just keep posting comments here...that will REALLY help Scott's foundation - but only to become a joke, known primarily for alienating the general public because of the rabid fans he's allowing to 'speak for him' and his foundation.

  23. keeper of dreams:

    LOL! I LOVE when you fucktards pretend to be lawyers. You can't even write a coherent sentence with proper punctuation and spelling but you think you can fool people with that nonsense? Here's a news flash for you rightard: We're not right-wing ignoramuses like you. If I had a nickle for every time some right-wing trash tried to intimidate me by pretending to be a lawyer or by threatening to sue me, I'd have a second boat.

    Your blather clearly demonstrates that you understand nothing about Google caching practices, criminal law, or civil law. You haven't the slightest clue as to what constitutes stalking or slander.

    By the way, shit-for-brains: Defamation in the form of the written word is not slander, it's libel. And if you were really a lawyer, you'd know how INSANELY hard it is to PROVE slander and libel -- especially against a celebrity -- which is why tabloids and the Fox Propaganda Channel are so rarely sued.

    And you sent a request to Baio asking to represent his "Baby Bailey Angel Foundation?" How about his Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, you fucking moron?

    Get an education above the third-grade level before you try to pass yourself off as a lawyer again, you red state idiot.

  24. Johnson How many hours did it take you to google and spell check your comment to me? Nice try but you only convinced me that you are no-where near as smart as I was giving you credit

    ryking Did I mention to you that I do ride the short bus? Its a yellow hummer. Oh BTw.... Thanks for continually reminding me that I suck at spelling and grammer. If you used your "internet" powers you would have found my last name(very difficult because I hide)and searched me. Having done that search you would have found many pages I have and found many of MY quotes indicating that I suck at spelling and grammer. But thanks for bringing that to my attention. especially after I made it very clear.... make that crystal clear in my first comment here!!!!!!!! So you will have to do much better than bash my writing skills. from the feedback, its apparent to me that my illiteracy got my point accross...... hmmm is that a run on sentance? As for education, do a grade on my website. I am the Creator, Editor, and publisher. the reading level stat is high school-college. how could a third grader manage that?

  25. johnson this is an addemdem to my last comment. you mentioned how this link is being posted across the internet.If this is so interesting to your supporters, why is the count still 0 on the followers of this blog. Not one person supporting you or your cause is following this blog. It is blaitently obvious which side is the agresser here. Its people like you and ryker that prevent the world from saying "ive seen it all"

  26. There are ALOT of reason's some people don't discuss politics or religion. For one, there are too many different stances and too many deep feelings associated with each one's personal beliefs.

    For another: It is almost impossible to sway one's opinion, which loops the problem into a never-ending downfall.

    I, for one, don't claim to be lib, conservative or any other title. I am simply a human being with the same persuits as everyone else.

    I simply want to live in peace and raise my kids to be strong, reliable and hard-working individuals.

    I also want them to take full advantage of the rights they are given as an American citizen: ESPECIALLY their freedom of speech. I want them to respect others for their insight's and values. It's a shame there are few examples to follow by the adults on twitter.

    We all need to about-face, move on and let everyone else be. The Baio haters should agree to disagree and lay off. The Baio supporters should agree to disagree. AND WILL LAY OFF if all can comply.

    It's time for twitter to be "harassment Free" for EVERYONE. If you don't like someone's views, state your opinion, debate as adults and leave the "Bathroom wall smears" in grade school where they belong.

    Most important: AS ADULTS, we must all know when to accept a situation with no resolution and walk away.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I completley misspelled that one word... had to spell check this one..... but what i did say was

    gr8spiritwolf CONCUR  [kuhn-kur] Show IPA
    –verb (used without object), -curred, -cur⋅ring.
    1. to accord in opinion; agree: Do you concur with his statement?
    2. to cooperate; work together; combine; be associated: Members of both parties concurred.
    3. to coincide; occur at the same time: His graduation concurred with his birthday.
    4. Obsolete. to run or come together; converge.

  29. ryking and crew
    Content Boundaries and Use of Twitter

    In order to provide the Twitter service and the ability to communicate and stay connected with others, there are some limitations on the type of content that can be published with Twitter. These limitations comply with legal requirements and make Twitter a better experience for all. We may need to change these rules from time to time and reserve the right to do so. Please check back here to see the latest.

    *Impersonation: You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others

    * Trademark: We reserve the right to reclaim user names on behalf of businesses or individuals that hold legal claim or trademark on those user names. Accounts using business names and/or logos to mislead others will be permanently suspended.

    *Privacy: You may not publish or post other people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission.

    *Violence and Threats: You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.

    *Copyright: We will respond to clear and complete notices of alleged copyright infringement. Our copyright procedures are set forth in the Terms of Service.

    *Unlawful Use: You may not use our service for any unlawful purposes or for promotion of illegal activities. International users agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content.

    *Verified accounts: You may not use the Verified Account badge unless it is provided by Twitter. Accounts using the badge as part of profile pictures, background images, or in any way implying false verification will be permanently suspended.

  30. gr8spiritwolf:

    You seem to have an inane idea about what constitutes "free speech." In your strange little world, Scott Baio gets to say whatever vicious, hate-filled comments he wants, but no one can express their disagreement or disgust with those comments or with him for making them.

    As for the issue of maturity and debating as adults: Scott Baio is not an adult. Someone who writes like an elementary school student, falsely accuses the POTUS of being a Kenyan Communist and a "shitfuck," someone who falsely accuses others -- with NO proof -- of starting "fake" accounts to harass him (as he did when he accused WhyInTheHell of being another user who had also called him on his bullshit earlier) is NOT someone who can be expected to behave in a civilized, adult manner. Therefore, he will not be treated by others in a civilized, adult manner.

    And frankly, I don't buy your statements about your political beliefs; you take issue with "Baio haters" but not the hateful statements made by Baio? That screams "right-winger" to me.

  31. whatchawearing:

    There were no TOS violations; Scott Bato's two accounts were clearly satire, and Twitter was wrong for removing them. And a reminder: Satire is something your juvenile, poorly-educated mind can't grasp, or you'd have known that.

    Now run along, little rightard; grown-ups are talking, and we're not interested in your silly fantasies about what you "own." Go play with your wife... MORGAN FAIRCHILD! Yeah, that's it, that's the ticket, Tommy Flanagan (

  32. ryking what part in my first post of "If you do not like what someone says in a tweet. Do not follow them. " did you not understand? I am not denying you free speech. I challenge you to find any such insinuation of that in any of my post here or twitter or anywhere. My eyes are nearly blind searching for anywhere that I stated Scott can say anything he wants. Anyone with an Average IQ would know that my refrences in regards to comunisiom, was spoken anilitically. You know.... You would never have heard from me if you hadent brought the "children" into this. You chose to make it your mission to bash scott. I left you alone. You chose to slander a charity. A charity that helps children that may die without them. As for my political views. well here they are. I am not happy with a single person in our government. I am dissapointed at the mismanagement of our elected officials. So when the state of the union adress is on. Im watching spongebob. So unless you want to argue about how a pineapple under the sea doesent rot, or how Mr. Crabs could have a whale as a daughter. there is nothing to argue there. Once again I will bring the Twitter Agreement to you.
    *Impersonation: You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others

    That needs no explanation. Your satire claims are meaningless.
    you stated my juevenile poorly-educated mind cant grasp satire. here is your word.

    Satire is often strictly defined as a literary genre or form; although in practice it is also found in the graphic and performing arts. In satire, human or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to censure by means of ridicule, derision, burlesque, irony, or other methods, ideally with the intent to bring about improvement.[1] Although satire is usually meant to be funny, the purpose of satire is not primarily humour in itself so much as an attack on something of which the author strongly disapproves, using the weapon of wit.
    Now go back up and Re-Read the Twitter agreement. My poorly educated brain cant find the spot there were it say "except in the case of "Sature" now check that spelling. Also my poorly educated mind does not comprehend the fact that Satire is used metaphorically. Um could you please define a metaphore for me? Perhaps If I used an analogy to explain it, I would understand the meaning.

    Now Im going to run along and play with the rest of the children! I'd ask you to join, but we dont let bullies in our clubhouse

  33. Hey Sean...there was no reasoning with Hiltler, either!
    And Ryking, (should be RyPeasant)glad you can spell. I don;t know how that works for you, since you obviously cannot read. Scroll up you dumb fuck, and you will see where I specifiacally said People were free to comment.
    You are an ASS of all asses and I hope you are smothered by a hemmoroid.
    Sean, OPEN THAT CLUB HOUSE DOOR! My mommy bought us some pop and chips!

  34. Here, ASS: I scrolled up for you and copied/pasted my comments since you missed them.

    "It was totally OK to voice your opinion about what he said. THAT'S FREEDOM OF SPEECH."

    "If you don't like someone's views, state your opinion, debate as adults"

    RYKINGS RESPONSE: "You seem to have an inane idea about what constitutes "free speech." In your strange little world, Scott Baio gets to say whatever vicious, hate-filled comments he wants, but no one can express their disagreement or disgust"


    Now, I bought you a book and I sent you to school. I can't make you read, though.

    I hear Jerry's kids and Ruth Lyon's Children's Fund may be making money for kids, too.
    Maybe you can spread your hate evenly instead of making just ONE charity suffer.

    Keep posting RyQueen, King, RAT...I told people you are an idiot.
    You are sealing my argument in concrete!

  35. gr8spiritwolf thanks for your support. untill hitlers death, the voice of truth spoke out against him. I can keep this up forever. I made it clear to the person that started this blog(Icant stand to even type that name) and I quote

    "I will give you free advice. Stop. Stop. Stop. You do not want to go there with me. But if you choose to.... You need to Know I am not a conservative, liberal or any "lable". I am simply One "Kick ass mother-fucker", fast on my feet, quick with my tongue, shitty speller but who gives a fuck American that is feed up with Idiots like you."

    Our society, the worlds for the most part....the strong come to the aid of the week. I could not walk past a person in need without stopping to see if I can help.I also never give up. I will check here ofton. I will respond to every attack at myself, or the children. It is obvious that some sort of "hate" has occoured here that has nothing to with the "original" tweet. What I have witnessed over the past two weeks is much deeper than that. In my first post I simply used my first amendment right, expressed my opinions to anothers first amendment right,Asked that they stop. And Made it cyrstal clear not to go there(here now) with me. Like I said In regards to Mavericks Big waves. I am a "Rhino Hunter" it takes balls to ride those waves. I am the same weather I am dropping In on a 40+foot wave, or if I am having a depate. I never go half aas. I never quit. I will always ride the motherfccker till the wheels fall off. the words in my bios are not fallacious. I am as real as it gets

  36. gr8spiritwolf:

    You've "bought me a book and sent me to school?" You're having delusions of adequacy, you silly syphilitic whore.

    And again, don't talk to me about free speech, or about mature debate. I've seen what passes for mature debate from you on Twitter when people used their free speech to disagree with and/or attack that "shitfuck" Baio; you and your right-wing ilk attempted to bully people into silence. Guess what, cunt? It just backfired. And now we're going after Baio twice as viciously.

    You and your fellow genetrash, whatchawearing, should've kept yourselves out of the fray.

  37. whatchawearing:

    I see your pathological lying isn't limited to what you pretend to own, but to characterizing attacks on that "shitfuck" Scott Baio as attacks on his charity -- a charity I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he's stealing from.

    No one has attacked the charity or any children, just that right-wing, America hating trash Scott Baio, but being a right-winger, you neither have, nor care to have, a firm grasp of facts. Or integrity. Or honor.

    Baio actually SULLIES his own reputation and that of the aforementioned charity by airing far right conspiracy theories about the President, tweeting racist epithets, and falsely accusing Twitter users of creating multiple accounts with which to attack him. As a result, he's alienated huge numbers of people who might have been inclined to donate to that charity.

    Finally, your attempt at analyzing Twitter's TOS is rambling and nonsensical -- much like everything else you type. But please, DO continue to make an ass out of yourself and, by extension, Scott Baio. :)

  38. Ryking: Enjoy your Saturday in front of the computer. Some of us have plans with PEOPLE, but thanks for the laughs before I left. It always helps to be in a good mood before going out for more fun!

    The best thing about all of this is knowing how much hate you have inside...and to know you will one day be a bitter old man who steals the kids' balls in the neighborhood when they cross your fence. Such anger will kill you already killed your soul.

    And you are right about 2 things.

    #1. I AM a Cunt. Self-proclaimed! And don't you ever forget it. I take pride in being the queen, and you can bow down to me! =)

    #2. I didn't vote for Obama. But it wasn't because of his was because of his gender. (SATTIRE)

  39. Ryking I have more important things to do this evening than respond to you at this time. Your comment is so noted. Perhaps you can google some more neeto words to use. I cant wait to respond to you! I briefly skimmed your comment and came to the conclusion that it is

    A Big Ol Pile of Gaaaaooooollllllllllllllly

  40. Obviously the owner of this site has a deep rooted homosexual obsession with Scott Baio he must have watched to much happy days while jerking off. I bet his therapy sessions are very interesting. To pretend to hate the one you love is so typical. We can see you are clearly obsessed with scott maybe you should come to terms with your homosexuality and the hatred will go away.It is so obvious to us all, but dude you reaally need help we'd be glad to set up a foundation to help you come out of the closet and really confess your love to Scott Baio. keep sharing your love to scott in what everway you need to but damn get some professional help you are obcesssed.. by the way scott is not gay. you barking up the wrong tree try @TheRealPatrickHarris i hear he swings your way...

  41. gr8spiritwolf:

    Sweetie, when it comes to people spending their Saturdays in front of a computer, maybe you shouldn't talk; you responded to my comments about 20 minutes after I left them.

    As for being hate-filled: Project much? You look at a hate-filled pus bag like Baio and think: "He's my type of people! I'm going to defend him by assaulting anyone who dares speak against him!"

    There's a word for people like that; it starts with an "L" and ends with an "oser."

    Instead of riding around on that broomstick, you should probably masturbate with it; you seem to need the stress release. :)

  42. So, keeper of dreams, I see you've given up the lawyer act in favor of showing us your (typical) right-wing homophobic nature. You know what they say about homophobes: 99.99% are self-loathing closet-cases.

    Find yourself a boyfriend -- but not Scott Baio. As I've told many of you Baio-obsessed trash, no matter how desperately you try, you'll never be Joanie to his Chachi. Hell, from what I hear Baio doesn't even fuck his wife, just prostitutes.

  43. You just keep repeating the same words in your blog over and over, let it out boy we know what your truely trying to say, you want him bad in a sexually way you don't really want demean Scott I never said I liked Scott Baio you did as a true reflection of your true fellings, can't you see that.You are obcessed with Scott,not us. We just like fucking with your feeble little closed mind why because we can, it is too easy for us. you know you want him bad. We don't obcess about celeb's we want to fuck on our blogs. We don't set up fake accounts either to pretend to be someone we are not we are all are ourselves and proud of it. It is to bad you can't be yourself come out of the closet dear don't be shy. we will like you better that way.Be secure with yourself that way. You don't have to demean others to make ourself feel better. Or do you enjoy taking money from baby's for attention waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaa.. Anything for your 15 mins of fame. try a balloon..and fly away

  44. I've been trying to post but having computer problems. Looks like the only thing left to note here is that fake-lawyer-keeper-of-dreams is having some serious fantasizing-about-watching-two-men-having-sex. Hey, knock yourself out.

    Yet another sign of a right-winger, attempting to insult with gay remarks. Liberals don't find gay behavior in the least bit offensive, but right-wingers find that unbelievable, so they just continue to try to use it as a tool.

    Applauding the Baio-loving posters' continued efforts to bring down the reputation of Scott Baio, and thereby negatively impacting his foundation in the general population's eye.

    That was sarcasm, by the way. I'm not really applauding you at all.

  45. Wow. Look at all the idiots on display. Can someone please explain to me why the Bato accounts were "harassment" but Baio's comments about Obama were not. Obviously you can't claim that Obama is a public figure and thus criticism of him is not harassment, because Baio is a public figure too. Any arguments of that nature will apply to both of them.

    As for me, I think Baio has the right to be a fucking idiot about Obama, and the Bato guy had the right to publicly satirize his stupidity.

    Also, have any of you Baio-humpers seen the video that Scott recently participated in, called "I Stuck it in the Wrong Hole?" Here's a link in case you don't believe me:

    Yeeeeah. Now THAT'S a guy who's upholding family values. A fucking PARAGON of American citizenry, there. This is DEFINITELY the kind of guy that we should all be listening to.


  46. I wll leave with a few words I have told my friends and associates to view this blog as the biggest joke on the web the writings of a truely distrubed person. To check out the guy who susposedly hates scott baio so much for his few comments but yet impersonates him at every chance he can get. even after being blocked repeatedly. He uses his name to get the attention he craves, but yet it doesn't work. I never said i liked anyone i only thought what kinda of idiot pretends to be someone they are not and than tries to make it look like he don't like him.Than he tries his best to get others to help his obsurd cause because he feels inadiquit. There really is some true underlying issues here. and i don't think it has anything to do with scott baio. A million people bad mouth politcians everyday. But most of us do not pretend to be them to hurt them. we can disagree with it but use your own name when doing so. I really don't care if scott fucked any whores or the president himself. The issue here is impersonation and harasment by doing so.. be a man asshole use your own name and maybe people will take you more seriously. grow some balls and be yourself if you have any.. thanks for the entertinment i will be sure to use this site at my next lecture as a fine example of a fucked up dude..not to waves toodaloo

  47. keeper of dreams:

    I wouldn't fuck Scott Baio with YOUR dick... if you had one. You rightards never do, being dickless wonders. By the way, your spelling and syntax are on par with whatchadouche; I wouldn't be surprised if you were one and the same.

  48. To Everyone first I'd Like to say I hope everyone is having a Rocking Day!!!

    I have been hesitant to return and post to this blog for several reasons.
    1) If I do not like something, or someone. I stay away from them
    2) Rude,Crude and socialbly expectable is useless and does not entertain me.
    3) A debate? It was obvious the victors.
    I am back to just mention a few of my observations and give you an idea of what has been going through my head during all of this. I have always looked at myself as a good person. By that, I mean it does not matter who you are, or what walk of life you come from, I will always start you at 0. So lets say I have a scale of 1 to 10. 1 Being very little. 10 Being a lot! The higher the number the more we have connected and like each other. Now you can say this is one sided. It is. My side. I engaged with a bunch of 0's. It is obvious if they have the same scale, I will be a big 0 to them. Free speech is something I would never deny anyone. One thing I would never do as well is use my free speech in such a manor as to stand on a soap box and voice how much I hate Someone simply because they said something that offended me. Instead I change the channel and move on to the next show. If you know me, I often speak analytically. In my opinion, it can often get the point better across. A good time to stand on a soap box and voice your free speech to the world is when someone, or something is causing harm to others. Example: A product continually malfunctions resulting in harm to others. Or, A person or persons are causing harm to others. Now let me make this perfectly clear. These are my opinions. I am entitled to them. As is anyone else. The great thing about a democracy is, majority rules. It is my opinion that a majority of people that have read this blog Probably are saying "you go Sean" or "I am so glad someone is standing up to the voice of hate". I have read, read-read and read this blog over and over. All the time trying to find something I said that would make me out to be "anti American" "anti Free Speech" or any of the slanderous remarks made at me, or those brave enough to comment in such a Blog. Correct me if I am wrong, The Person that posted this blog, did so because someone called someone a "shitfuck" right?

  49. sorry but I meant to close with this.... one of my favorite sayings!!!! "now put that in your pipe and smoke it"

  50. ROTFLMAO!! Okay, this is intentional comedy, right? You two are practicing the Stanislavski method for your upcoming roles as 4th-graders, right? Good job!

    And oy vey, whatchawearing has made his entire presence here all about HIM. Who gives a shit about things like Rights or Scott Baio's's ALL ABOUT WHATCHAWEARING in his mind.

    "ME! ME! NOTICE ME!!! ME! ME!"

    L.M.A.O. Pitiful....

  51. Obviously the 2nd poster I was referring to is keeper of dreams. I just had to save it for a second post...because that seems to be de rigueur...posting multiple a row...for maximum annoyance factor.

  52. Thanks for the address.

  53. whinthehell why in the hell am I even responding to you? Oh yes I remember now! I cant remember the last time I have actually felt embaressed for someone. You should take a lesson from this third grader. How many times have you and your friends posted here? How many times have you and your friends contradicted yourselves here? What do you think goes through the minds of those that happen along and read this? This post is a real test. Now take your superior mind and read this blog. Can you score a 100% ?

    P.S. Do you and your friends have a class you attend that teaches you how to google neeto words and incorporate them into your post?

  54. Milky thats the best you got. Your site is so original. I am proud to be a first rate version of myself. Tell me Milky, how is it being a second rate version of someone else?

    check this out... no need to post as you all are so predictable I have prepared one for you ;-)


    whatchawearing your a righttard. you should go home with all your left...or is that right.. (no matter they never make sense) wing crap. you should go back to school and repeat third grade because nothing you say makes since you Scott Baio loving Righttarde. We are a group of 3 strong. me, myself and my fake account. Each day I am adding more. I also spent 26 hours today google ing neeto words and phrases. watch out whatchawearing I now have this.... my ultimate weapon against you.

    I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality
    counterbalancing indecipherability transcendentalists intercommunications incomprehensibleness! HA TAKE THAT YOU THIRD GRADE MINDLESS RIGHTTARD WATCHAWEARING


  55. why is this shitfuck Obama boy getting his 15 minutes from you guys? Harrasing communications is a very broad spectrum a prosecutor can easily take 1000 bucks from anyone and even get you a year in jail if they are half ass proficient. I happen to know these two guys bato & ryking try each other every night while watching Rush and call out Glenn Becks name while they do each other and wish Barrack would give it to them up the ass too instead of just the taxpayers

  56. nutwicious for me..... Its just something to do when there is no waves. Plus I am trying to get in the 4th grade!! I here the lockers are really kool!

  57. Hi, I'm Scott Bato. Aaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Usually, when you're trying to impersonate someone you don't put as your bio (Baio? ahhahaha): "I am not Scott Baio, I am SCOTT BATO."

    Of course, if using someone's image equals impersonation, then there are 100s of Obama accounts that need to be shut down.

    Remember one other thing. We're talking about a foul-mouthed, D-list celeb who CAN'T EVEN SPELL HIS OWN NAME RIGHT.

  58. real scott bato did you post that just because you started this hate campaign? As far as I can tell that is what this is about. Right? So many post from your friends. Two from you. And not once have I heard mention of your goals or objectives to justify your campaign. Enlighten us please.

  59. Why should Real Scott Bato justify himself to you or anyone? The goals and objectives are clear. This is not a 'hate campaign', but of course you can't understand that because 'hate campaigns' are your modus operandi. They clearly make you feel omnipotent and cause you to ejaculate in your shorts repeatedly. (Attention for YOU, YOU, YOU !!)

    It's been stated Ad nauseam that this is being done as satire - it's a parody. You know, as is done everywhere (other than in your little world), i.e., TV shows like Saturday Night Live - and comedy everywhere (other than in your little world).

    And before you ask me again, yes, I own the patent and I make tons of money from Google by allowing them to use my product which accesses people's thoughts and generates 'neeto words'. But only certain people are currently allowed to know the secret code because it's still in beta testing. I'd invite you, but intelligence is a pre-requisite.

  60. Whyinthehell For the third time you make no sense to me at all. You failed to answer a single question. Unfortunately your attempt at wit failed. You still do not fully grasp the definition of satire. Scroll up and read. As for the schizophrenic thought telling you that your some kind of genius google prodigy. h a h a

  61. I wonder how many of these conservatives fantasize about scott baio's balls in their mouths--aka--teabagging him.

  62. Hey whatchawearing - I tried looking for you on Twitter this morning but you're not there? What's up with that?

  63. Real Scott Bato not to worry brother. I am certainly not. I will be back, except this time you and your hater crew will not be able to simply make false spam or stalking complaints. My account will get a red flag. A good flag. A flag that says haters tried this before. All you succeeded in is to make my account Stronger when I return.

  64. Hey, @whatchawearing:

    I don't think you're going to be back under that account, if at all, rightard; not after printing Cynicor's address and phone number. This isn't a case of you being a victim, shit for brains, this is a case of you being an asshole and getting punished for your misbehavior. Same for gr8spiritwolf and lopezsangels.

    You right-wing, treason-spewing America-hating trash never take responsibility for your actions; that is just one of the many reasons this country has rejected your kind's "leadership."

    Au revoir, asshole. We won't be missing you scum at Twitter. :)

  65. ryking I just read your first sentence only. Actually my account has already been reactivated. Just waiting for it to post. If an account recieved a 100 or more blocks in a 24 hour period Twitters spiders auto suspend the account pending review. Twitter also has hidden avenues available to tweeters that have a good reputation and have a personal commitment to making Twitter a better experience. I am one of those Tweeters. Anyone can take fake accounts and a few friends with fake accounts and make fake complaints to cause a TEMPORARY suspension to an account. Did you and your groupies read Twitters TOS in regards to logging fake complaints?

  66. Hi Sean Boileau! I've been chatting up Rebecca. How are things?!?

  67. So wait a minute, Sean. You were suspended because you were blocked a lot? And not because you posted someone's home address and phone, then said that you were too popular to be suspended? I'm confused now - did you NOT do that?

  68. whatchawearing:

    Liar liar, pants on fire!

    Your account was supposed to be unsuspended almost 90 minutes ago; yes, I was informed of that. It was suspended for your violation of Twitter's TOS, because you posted Cynicor's home address and phone number, not because you were blocked over a hundred times; no one even cares that much about you to attempt orchestrating something like that.

    You're a typical right-winger: Devoid of honesty, honor, and integrity, always trying to play the victim. If you're a victim, it's of your own stupidity and deceit. :)

  69. "It's Sean here @angelfrmcanada w/in hour my account will be back up. But keep putting this out ti then. Also my account will be stronger!" - whatchawearing, 9:34 AM Pacific. (

    Surely it is back up by now, as it is 1:48 PM Pacific? Maybe there was some paperwork delaying it?

  70. It is now 5:01pm Mountain, and they're all still suspended. I guess Twitter doesn't fall for BS coming from crybaby, hypocritical, TOS-breaking, REALLY POPULAR, liars.

    That's the thing...these right-wingers don't comprehend that their lies are transparent to people with brains.

  71. Sean - What was the deal with your first wife, anyway? Why'd she leave you?

  72. Gentleman hope your enjoying your suspensions. The difference between me and you is clear. You are losers and I am a winner. You had a good whooping here on blogspot. So with your heads tucked below your knees, you ran to Twitter. To sum everything you said there, I will make it simple. You sounded like this. Ohhhh I am telling on you. Yep thats right. We really tried hard googling our neeto words. But you shot us down. Then we tried to twist your words, in doing so we screwed ours up and looked like morons. So then we brought out our ace in the hole. our number one. Fake Scott. But then you made our fearless leader look like a sperm compared to your MENSA IQ. All while sucking at spelling. So then we were out of ammo so we went to Twitter agin. In all of our complaining, we got our accounts permanently suspended. Yep we are that stupid.You got a 6 day suspension though! Ha Ha. We hated good on you on that one! We also still tweeted our super hero rush limbaugh. Yep if rush new we existed, he would have come to this blog and let you start a sentence, and then he would hang up on you! thats right we are rush-groupies we stand for all stupid and anything that doesn't make sense. So there. take that you right tard.

    So Gentelman.... I say you must stop by my website often I will show you what I do. I don't hate. I make Fun. Be sure to stop by my pictures page so you can look at my supermodel wife there. Feel free to stop by my guestbook and read the comments. Then look in the mirror and say to yourself s...... Damn we screwed up this time. Should have listened to whatchawearings first post and stuck with polishing our rush statue.

  73. Sean, why was your account and your second wife's account suspended from Twitter?

  74. At least get your facts straight Scott Bato. Sean's wife didn't leave him, he left her for his hotter office manager.

    Are those accounts unsuspended yet?

  75. Hey there! suspended is using Twitter.
    Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Join today to start receiving suspended's tweets.

  76. The winner is back on Twitter already:

  77. Now wait, Milky. Are you claiming that Sean got tired of his wife, hired a hottie to "work" for him, and then they ran off together? That's why he's a lover, not a hater.

  78. Is this some sort of juvenile threat?

    How old are you again?

  79. Wow, some people need to get a life! The Baio-lovers, that is.

    Hey RealScottBato, caught your comment on Jesus' General and followed it to your amusing blog. Good onya for what you do.

    I'm constantly amazed at the trivial obsessiveness of some people, especially those who would be slavishly devoted to a, as you aptly term him, "a foul-mouthed D-list has-been celebrity who can't even spell his own name right." Although I gotta say, you have a touch of that obsessiveness in you to be so devoted to slagging Baio.

    Thanks again for showing me a side of American society I didn't know existed -- the D-lister "tragics." ("Tragic" is Aussie slang for people who are sadly fixated on something trivial, i.e. "Star Trek tragic.") It's another reminder of why my wife and I moved out of the U.S.

  80. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  81. hello idiots!!! did you miss me? Well thanks to this blog and you dumb asses .... well I went and purchased and its a big hit with cynicor and whyinthehell the only dip shits there... but thats just the beginning. I have been working on a format.... and that format will be each week I will feature a hater....just like you guys.... also pay attention to Ted Danson Video I put up above cynicor ... Ur fearless leader is an entertainer.... just like me... I entertain... and thank you for the great ratings I have received by spending you weeks with me. and thank you for giving my MENSA IQ the brain thing Idea to start that new website i just mentioned. and ryker perhaps my new short bus will be a yellow stretch hummer.. Once again thanks idiots and dumb ass rush fans... your not the best and you totally suck balls....haha oh btw just join the form to .... I have ur email address from posting on my guest book.... haters do have small brains you shitfucks!!!!

  82. How could we miss you if you won't go away?

    This comment by you is quite entertaining as it reinforces your almost (okay, full blown) retarded grasp of grammar and spelling and sense of self-worth. It's true, you're a 13 year old girl with low self esteem. I'm glad we can make you feel good about yourself or something.

    ps: you don't have email addresses and you know that but continue to lie. Your lame site isn't set up like that.

    pps: You don't have real i.p. addresses either on my end on the few comments I've left.

    Happy 39th birthday loser. You certainly act your age.

  83. Sniffa or dumb ass dayswithdave..... your brain is very small. how you like these apples.... your buddy whyinthehell here you go. I did edit the exact email address.... now as for IP address.... I got those to. would you like to see them?

    User name: whyinthehell
    Status: Approved
    Email address: (edited)
    Application date: November 4, 2009 1:21 PM
    Approval date: November 4, 2009 1:21 PM
    Revoked on: Not Applicable
    First visited: November 4, 2009 1:21 PM
    Last visited: November 5, 2009 12:47 AM

  84. Ditto Sniffa.... This infant is hilarious! He can't get email addresses, and even if he did, I'd never use a real email address to sign in to one of his stupid sites. He could get IP addresses, though, if he had the brains to monitor...oh, never mind, I don't want to give him any ideas. He'll never figure it out on his own, so it's best that I stop there. He's just making it all up to get attention anyway.

    And Brainiac here is trying to get "ryker" involved again? Hasn't he had enough punishment from him? Although...I admit I'd kinda like to see THAT takedown again.

    But I think Cynicor might find one of Brainiac's antics of interest. He "featured" him on that site, with a bunch of lies, of course. Cynicor will either keel over laughing...or will have whatchawearing keeling over from some repeated ballsack smashing.

  85. Indeed, I never used a real email address, and I commented under a few different names. I was also smart enough to go through proxies.

    Which Cat Lady am I?

  86. I'm curious to know what the fuck makes an illiterate jackass think that in any world he'd be able to make any real money or, if by some accident a fortune lands on his head after being jettisoned from a plane or something, he'd ve able to keep it. Seriously, there are like 3 idiots defending a loser has-been who wasn't even a good actor in his day. How does that make you anything but losers?

    As for others here, the "haters," they seem to be defending themselves from accusations and suspensions meant to suppress their right to speak freely. Certainly, Twitter is private & may reject anyone it wants to by 1st Amendment "freedom of association" clause, but it makes them look bad when they manifacture fake reasons & false (alleged) violations of thee TOS agreement. It makes them look worse that they haven't suspended @RealScottBaio iver missuse of the @Reply when he used it and the RT to encourage potentially hundreds (or, god forbid) thousands of "fans" to harrass normal people who simply took offense to something he said & commented on it.

    Let's face it, regular, REAL celebrities don't actually respond to strangers, nor do they take the time to block people. They get so much shot in their Twitter stream that they make groups on 3rd party software like Seesmic, letting them see only tweets by their real friends & colleagues. This way, they can ignore all the crap they get everyday & just read things that are important to them. I mean, do you think that @aplusk actually reads or even sees the shit that comes in from the 2 million followers of Gia that likely respond to anything ye says like Pavlov's dogs drool at the sound of a bell?

    Kutcher would never have engaged some lone girl who made a comment he didn't like, which just goes to show that Baio is a fucking moron & a loser! He not only doesn't have shit in his twitter stream to actually read, he's got so little there that he notices some off-the-cuff remark by some stranger & takes the time to respond, to DM the person later, & to then wage a Twitter popularity war against a person who is nothing to him!

    How fucking ridiculous! Now, I don't mean to disparage the girl who made the comment that started this shitstorm, but we all know that real celebrities would never have given her the time of day. It's just pathetic that Baio has nothing better to do, not even play golf in this absolutely perfect weather So.Cal has been enjoying.

    As for all you single-cell fucknuts that have spent so much time defending this pissant, I just ave to say, you're making fools of yourselves on a regular basis! You're competing with people who have a far greater intellect and a much better command of language & likely typing skills than you do, who, like me, composed their responses & posts in mere minutes & then went on with their days. You lot, on the other hand, obviously type with two fingers (much like you masturbate no doubt), & have to take all day to type the same shit over & iver again, except for the few bits you copied from the dictionary, which you likely found online & copy/pasted your way to a double-digit IQ.

    I can't believe I read half this page, actually. It took Me a while, no doubt, but the ultimate entertainment value was just too much to pass up in the end. Ryking, my friend, I miss you on Twitter. It won't be the same if you don't cone back. whyinthehell, thanks for giving me the dirt on what's been going on. I don't come on Twitter as much, only a little bit at night since I've been writing again, so I had missed all this great fun. I will, however, make sure to do what bit I can to promote your interests far and wide. :-)

  87. xiape is the best response yet. *thumbsup*

  88. xiape - SCORE!!!

    And yeah - Twitter fucking with Ryking is a major piss-off point for the progs and libs on twitter (and probably even some cons). Twitter as an important, reliable political communications tool? They blew that like a $2 whore. We'll see how long that rep lasts, considering they prefer to lick the asses of has-been celebs, whatever the cost.

  89. Hello ladies! Whatchawearing!!!! I'm here for fun and love! No haters here lol!