Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wholesome conservative values

As the REAL Scott Bato, I am often envious of wholesome conservative celebrities who grew up with "huge values."

That's why I'm so disappointed to read about some of the Big Hollywood shenanigans like divorces and babies being born out of wedlock.

Former "Happy Days" star Scott Baio has married his longtime girlfriend Renee Sloan in a ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The small religious ceremony took place on the rooftop of a luxury high-rise building, with guests including Sloan's 18-year-old daughter Kalyn, from a previous relationship, and the couple's newborn baby girl, who was delivered last month.

Does anyone else have examples of Big Hollywood stars who don't live by wholesome sets of values? Post them here and let's discuss! :-)


  1. I have this close, personal friend, he's like, really BADASS!!!!!! His name is Sean Boileau, and his values are TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! He takes his second wife to strip clubs, and when he goes to strip clubs with his boys instead, he wishes he was with HER, instead of THEM!!!!! That's the kind of marriage that everyone WISHES THEY HAD!!!! Especially him, when he was still married to WIFE #1!!!!!

    The only problem is, his current wife will always be #2.

    I wonder, if he had to choose between his AWESOME WIFE and STRIP CLUBS, who would win out? I'll have to ask him, the next time we are out on a BADASS adventure somewhere. Cause we're totally buds.

  2. OMG, you're friends with Sean Boileau? :O

    I heard he has a mensa IQ and a totally hot super model wife he left his first wife for.

    What's it like to hang with him? Is it as cool as I imagine?

    It's a shame he keeps getting suspended from Twitter. He's now tweeting as ripe4picking2. #freeripe4picking

  3. Hey Rog, please wish Sean a happy birthday tomorrow. He's turning a very mature 39 years old.

    If anyone wants to celebrate his birthday you can by some shirts by some other guy so he could make money: